Krones H60 Variocol hot glue case sealer

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Case Sealer 
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Variocol H60 
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6 KRONES Variocart and VariocolVariocol H 60 (single-lane) and Variocol H 120 (double-lane)The sealing system for carton lidsThe cartons which are open at the top are accumulated in front of the machine infeed by a conveyor belt. Then, they pass through the machine on a roller conveyor. They are moved by lateral belts which are, in turn, driven by frequency-controlled drives. A fixed holder folds the front and a pneumatic system folds the rear stop-end flap. Both flaps are then sprayed with glue and glued down with the side flaps. At the pressing-on area, a conveyor belt presses against the carton from above, thus ensuring reliable sealing. Output Variocol H 60: up to 3,600 cartons per hour (single-lane)

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