Pearson BE120 Carrier erector

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We have 2 complete lines including stuffer and conveyors.


BE120 High Speed Carrier Erector Pearson’s Model BE120 is a high speed carrier erector capable of erecting 4-pack and 6-pack carriers at speeds up to 120 carriers per minute*. The BE120 feeds knocked down carriers into its continuous motion body where vacuum cups establish a hold on each side of the carrier. The carrier moves through the machine following a cam profile which opens the carrier. The open carrier is transferred to handle pinchers that hold the carrier while a locking wheel from below pushes up the bottom of the carrier and locks it. Once erected, the carrier moves onto a discharge conveyor. With a small footprint, PackML compliance and a no-tool changeover time of less than 15 minutes, the BE120 is the solution for increased beverage production line speeds.

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