Pearson CE235 hotmelt case erector

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We have two matching Pearson CE235 hot melt case erectors that have seen limited use and are in excellent condition.

The Pearson CE35 family of Case Erectors features a small-footprint and an optional low-level, vertical magazine loader. All models are easy to use and highly reliable, working at speeds of up to 35 cases per minute.


Speed Up to 35 cases/min
Case Size Range (in) L 5-30 | W 3.5-24 | H 3.5-26
Sealing Hot melt glue



Controls Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC


PanelView Color HMI

Changeovers Fast – supported by scales, pointers, quick release handles


HMI Graphical Guided Instructions

Standards PackML compliant


UL listed control panel

Construction Heavy duty welded tubular frame


Mild steel

Stainless steel

Low-pressure wash-down

Machine Size Range (ft) L 15-16 | W 6-7 | H 6-8
Key Differentiators Dual opposed case erecting


Positive case selection/transfer

Tolerant of knock-down case variances

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