Pearson MP35 Multi-packer stuffer

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.We have a pair of these units with conveyors and erectors


Pearson's MP35 Multi-Packer is designed to automatically load four empty 6-pack carriers, six empty 4-pack carriers, or three empty 8-pack carriers into trays, half-slotted cases, regular slotted cases, or tablock cases. With a small footprint and rugged construction, it operates at speeds of up to 30 cases per minute.


Up to 30 cases or trays per minute

Key Differentiators

Small footprint
Versatile packing configurations
Infeed/outfeed crossflow flexibility


Fast changeovers supported by scales, pointers, quick release handles, and HMI guides
PackML compliant, UL listed control panel
Heavy duty welded tubular frame made of mild steel or stainless steel
Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC

Product Handling / Pack Configurations

Flexible carrier-infeed option to support single or dual carrier erector configuration

Case Size Range

Length: 10" to 20"
Width: 9" to 17"
Height: 2.75" to 10"

Supported Case Styles

Six 4-packs
Four 6-packs
Three 8-packs
Standard tray

Machine Size Range

Length: 5'
Width: 4'
Height: 7'
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