Wepackit 400TT 50 Case Taper

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Case Sealer 
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400TT 50 
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The 400TT is a fully automatic top case closer taper/sealer for RSC, FOL cases. This system will accept up to 35 case per minute closing and sealing top flaps. The 400TT is an independent system which is often integrated into fully automatic case packing systems due to its dependability. Built in accordance with our standard and robust construction principles, the 400TT is typically 2 to 3 times heavier as compared to light-duty style machines. Allowing for ease of maintenance. This midel is customable with hot melt applicator, top and bottom taping, FOL top flap and alternative flap sequence folding are some of the available options.

We have a Wepackit400TT 50 Case Taper in excellent condition.

Model: 400TT 50

S/N: 400 TT 2134

Year: 2004

Fully automatic top closer with 2" Dekka tape sealing.

Comes with full factory warranty.

Brand URL : http://www.wepackitmachinery.com/product_400tt.htm

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